NFD Rules

  1. Do not FFA
  2. Do not interuppt duels
  3. Glitching is allowed as long as you don't FFA e.g. bowing people through walls
  4. Do not build where people duel
  5. Do not spam toolbox all across the map (do not place barricades all across the map)
  6. Do not lutespam
  7. Do not revenge kill if you are FFA'd, instead tell an admin or call a votekick
  8. No troll votes
  9. Crossbows are allowed in duels
  10. Both sides needs to flourish to start a duel (X + 1)
  11. Do not taunt players into a duel by hitting them or that will be FFA
  12. It is forbidden to disrupt arenas such as: running inside during a match, FFA'ing people already dueling inside arena
  13. Racism will not be tolerated